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The Liberal advocate who delivers

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G'day, I'm David Brady...

I believe  all Australians to have the inalienable right and individual freedom, to make choices with minimal government interference to succeed in their lives for the benefit of themselves, their families, and their communities.  I am the living embodiment of the Liberal philosophy "individuals should decide their destinies not governments". 

For the majority of my life I have worked alongside, mentored and listened to young Australians, people with disability, migrants, rural and regional Australians, Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders, Senior Australians, and many Liberal Party members.  


My personal and professional experience is relatable to millions of Australians who support us.  They want a voice to ensure their Liberal values are heard and represented in our Parliament.

Since 2019 Senate selection, I have not stood still, even with the challenges thrown at all of us by the COVID pandemic.

  • As Waverton-Wollstonecraft Branch President, grew the membership from 18 member in 2019 to 47 in 2022, Membership includes Australia's 25 Prime Minister John Howard OM AC.

  • Initiated the first online Branch meeting in NSW in April 2020,  

  • Lobbied, secured membership support, and initiated the first Disability Policy Branch for the NSW Division of our National Liberal Party.   In 2022, the membership stands at 53 members spread across NSW. 

  • Presented to several Liberal Party branches, and the Young Liberals on NDIS, Disability policy and how charities play an important role in supporting our communities. 

  • Established, organised, and hosted the first Liberal Party Local Government policy forum to support our many NSW Local Government candidates gain advice and information from Ministers and key Liberals from different policy branches. 

  • Established Deafness Forum of Australia as the new National Health Peak recognised by our Commonwealth Government, 

  • Appeared on advisory and policy committees for Federal and State Governments to provide advice, insights and share experiences from Australians from different walks of life. 

  • Ran for North Sydney Council in 2018 elections in the Kirribilli, North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Cremorne Point, and Kurraba areas, all key parts of the Warringah and North Sydney electorate.

  • Represented Australia at the World Hearing Forum hosted by the World Health Organisation in Geneva and is a member since 2019.

“A proud Australian who is not afraid to own his severe hearing loss having spent his life breaking barriers to achieve extraordinary outcomes for himself and for millions of Australians from all walks of life.”


Video Message - How 3 million votes related to Disabilities in NSW

What is David's plan as a Parliamentarian for our Liberal Party?

  • To work hard to ensure businesses including charities are on the road to post-COVID recovery inspiring all: young, old, marginalised, rural, regional, urban, new and indigenous, to be part of our journey as Australians. 

  • Be your Liberal voice with years of advocacy experience to put your concerns to Government Ministers, gather support of fellow Government MPs and Senators, and when the opportunity arises lobby your case in our Liberal Party room. 

  • To advocate and support the quiet voices raising issues of the community to participate in Parliamentary inquiry committees, bill reviews and on the floor of the lower house.   To connect their issues with local and state government.  There are always solutions to local challenges

  • Champion our Liberal Government's commitment towards building a stronger economy beyond its resources and agricultural export-strength and tap into young Australians' thirst for enterprise and their potential to push new boundaries in the science, technology and people industries of tomorrow. 

  • Encourage private investment and community start-ups to focus on jobs of the future in health-tech, robotics, agri-tech, fin-tech, energy-tech, and as a nation look to set the foundations for private sector lead into the space economy.   I will work with our community, industry leaders, and our Government to ensure we do not fall behind the world.  I support our Governments push for private enterprise and small business led future, to relieve the long-term burden of the COVID debt on tomorrow's generation and pay down the COVID debt.

  • Support our Government's commitment to spending 2% of our GDP on defence to ensure the safety of our nation.    It is essential we have a clear agreed national security strategy for the defence of our nation.  This modern focused strategy is essential to protect our emerging industries, our communications networks, defence forces, energy networks, food, age care supports, and our National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).   

  • I will continue to support our Government's smart investment in training, apprenticeships, future manufacturing, more free trade agreements, and supporting new businesses, so Australians anywhere are able to unleash their true potential for themselves, their families, and their communities.  

  • Advocate for the growth in maturity of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It's our Party's greatest yet quiet legacy, where we are implementing next-gen welfare prevention, of which in future, we should look to apply the same principles to all social services programs so no Australians will be left behind.  This includes further development of My-Age care to ensure we have choice and control over our lives not Government.

  • Advocate and support local  mental health services and support programs, to ensure members of the community of all ages have access to professional help, as we move out of the recent COVID pandemic.   

  • Lead our nations TRUST in our next generation young Australian leaders of tomorrows economy as they are the ones who we need to ensure do not get saddled with debt of today. 

  • I am a believer in building the smart infrastructure of our nations and state's future, we need to look beyond how we will ensure our economy and people are supported post 2030.

  •  I will be championing our Government's commitment to reducing emissions through technology, not taxes, through choices not mandates.  Only together as a community can we all work towards lowering emissions to a cleaner world without compromising our energy, economy, and hip pockets. 

  • Ensure the values set by our founding Liberal Prime Minister Menzies remains relevant for tomorrow's generation.

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Country Born and Raised

Born with a profound hearing loss, David was raised in Armidale in New England, NSW.  He is a proud Father of a baby girl, partner to Maria a proud Uncle of two nephews and retains strong country values from a strong family unit and upbringing.   


Connections with Communities 

For six years David played and trained almost every weekday morning on Manly Beach with the Northern Beaches Volleyball Association and Beach Volleyball Manly.  This a large young vibrant local community which consists of 75 %of new Australians, all who chose us to live, work, and grow Australian families. They chose us. 

David's partner Maria, moved to Australia and lived for 7 years in the Warringah area.  They now are planning to raise their young family in the area.  Like any new expanding family, David and Maria are looking for the right place, (at the right price!) for them and their daughter. 


Hearing Loss 

Since birth, David has lived with a severe to profound hearing loss of 90 decibels (90% loss) in both ears.  At ten months old, David first heard sound through the assistance of two hearing aids, which enabled his determined parents (both teachers), to teach him to hear and speak and learned Auslan (sign language) as a communication backup.   

Barrier Breaker 

David is the first-ever deaf student to finish year 12 in Armidale, then going on to complete University, graduating with a Master of Science. Achieved despite many (well meaning) people informing David and his family that no deaf person will ever achieve these feats.  In 2019 he became a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).   In short, David is a fighting ground breaker and knows no task is impossible or insurmountable.

Leader of 3.5 million Australians

As a volunteer, David is the current and longest serving Chairperson of the Deafness Forum of Australia, an organisation representing 3.5 million Australians with a hearing loss or a deaf (the majority do not class hearing loss as a disability but a health issue).  In 2021, Deafness Forum of Australia achieved National Health Peak status, a goal set out by David as one of his key priorities under a decade ago.   Regarded as one of the most successful leaders in the disability sector with liberal values.

Diversity and Disability 

He believes the Morrison Government will be complemented with his valuable and unique insights and will deliver a successful National Disability Insurance Scheme and deliver the National Disability Strategy, impacting 5 million Australians, their families, and their communities.  David acknowledges there are areas of improvement in the NDIS, and he will be advocating our Government and the NDIA to look at possible changes to improve the efficiency and impact of the scheme for millions.  When elected David will be the advocate for people with a disability (ABS , their families, and services so they are not left behind in the National Disability strategy at local, state, and federal level. 

Championing our Youth 

David was the Chief Executive of Hear For You, which now has been integrated into The Shepherd Centre continuing the work of  providing mentoring programs for deaf teenagers and inspiring young adult Australians to share their gift of entrepreneurship and ways to achieve in life overcoming challenges.   David is now Director of Community Engagement, tasked with designing the first full disability support pathway from birth to completing school for deaf children and their families.   For over 20 years he has interacted and worked as a professional and volunteer with young Australians from all backgrounds and demographics through the community, sports, disability, the deafness sectors.  Once elected, David will be committed to ensuring youth access the opportunities provided from our Government to realise their potential in life. 

National Sports Representative, Passion for Community Sports

Represented Australia at the 2005 Deaflympic Games in water polo and was selected to represent Australia again in Beach Volleyball at the 2019 Asia Pacific Deaf Games in Hong Kong, and again for the 2021 Deaflympic Games in Brazil, both of which was cancelled due to the ongoing unrest. David is also a successful state representative Water Polo coach of youth and adult teams.   David is a qualified Water Polo and Hockey coach, having coached community to representative teams at all levels. 

A leader who brings people together

A natural leader, agile change-maker, strategic and, lateral thinker, that places value and significance on people and the way both individuals and groups collaborate.  

A successful revenue generator, cost saver, embraces innovation, and a cultural change maker. Proven skills in connecting and engaging with members, clients, corporate, industry leaders, and governments. Highly adept at creating positive successful outcomes as a result of his passion for innovation and entrepreneurial mindset.

Liberal Party runs through Family 

Following in the footsteps of his late Great Uncle Sir Nigel Bowen QC, a former Minister of the Commonwealth, David became a member of the Liberal Party in 2011.  David is currently the branch president of the Waverton-Wollstonecraft branch of the Liberal Party and is the founder and President of the inaugural Disability Policy Branch of the NSW Liberal Party, a first branch focused on disability policy of any political party in Australia.  

Natural Advocate 

David has a proven record of successful advocacy from local, state, federal, and international level.   The successes were made in both his Chairperson and CEO roles, as well as from his Sport Executive days.  His record includes working and understanding at the first approach from his community and members, to working through the problem or situation, then identifying the relevant Minister, Government Department, and other decision makers to deliver.  His biggest wins to date is achieving National Health Peak status for the deafness sector, in 2022, and putting Australia's case of hearing health to the World Health Organisation in 2019. 

Inspiration to run for public office

Inspired by Australia's 25th Prime Minister John Howard AC, a Waverton-Wollstonecraft branch member, who has a hearing loss and is the patron of Deafness Forum of Australia and Hear For You, David ran for Local Council at the 2017 North Sydney Council elections. 

History Maker for the Party

David is the first severe-profoundly deaf Australian and NDIS participant to contest a major political party pre-selection for a Federal seat in Australia.   He ensured both of our NSW and Commonwealth Governments took the lead in creating the first Parliamentary Friends of Hearing Health and deafness groups 2017, bringing industry, providers, consumers, and our elected representatives together.    David led and initiated the inaugural Disability Policy Branch 2020 with 48 members, developing it from a local branch formal policy motion, securing multi-branch and our MP’s support, to a formal submission to the NSW Liberal Party State Executive.   

In short, David delivers.

Who is David Brady?
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Young Australians - Our Future Potential



"Thank you David for your great contribution to OUR LIBERAL PARTY! You are very brave and I

Commend your tenacity and strength of spirit! My congratulations to you and the rest of the candidates who

Had the courage “to have a go!”

"As I said to you on Saturday (2019 selection) I believe you have the potential to become one of our leading voices in Parliament and I hope that will become a reality in the not to distant future"

As a Party Member of newly 50 years I found your speech amazing.

"I was present as a selector and thought you spoke extremely well. The party needs people like you. Please continue to hang in there and you will grow & become a leader and person of influence. Be encouraged by the experience."

"You spoke so well and you have the credentials to back that up. With your background and experience in NDIS and other issues, we need you in Federal Parliament! "


"David Brady is a candidate for selection to be a Senator for New South Wales, and I am delighted and honoured to endorse and recommend him unreservedly. I have been a member of the Liberal Party for fifty-four years, having first joined in New South Wales on the 12th February in 1965, and more recently having been a member of the Waverton-Wollstonecraft branch from 1994-95 to 2017, when I returned to Victoria. In this time, I’ve met few candidates I would consider his equal, and none better, with the possible exception of one, The Honourable John Howard, OM. AC."


“I have known David Brady for many years now through my role as Chairperson and Director of Hear For You Limited and I am pleased to see that David has nominated for selection to be the next Liberal Senator for NSW.  
David demonstrates all the qualities required for a successful Senator representing the Liberal Party.  He is a true leader and a great role model who engages with deaf Australians from teenagers to young adults and encourages them to realise their full potential.   I have also witnessed his leadership as Chairperson of Deafness Forum of Australia, where he leads and connects the deafness sector and other community organisations to work with Government to achieve positive results for millions of Australians.     As a member of the Liberal Party, I am pleased to recommend David as an outstanding candidate for the NSW Senate.”


"I was privileged to meet David through the Liberal Party and immediately observed and felt his passion for the party. We are so fortunate to have David as a candidate, a person of integrity and honour. 
David has been very open about his aspirations and I believe he would be an asset to the Senate."



I have known Dave for perhaps 10 years or more through our mutual involvement in some community sector organisations.


In my experience, Dave has been extremely hard working. He thinks outside the box and frequently comes up with innovative approaches and ideas. He doesn’t take No for an answer and keeps working away to achieve his, or an organisation’s, goals.


He has been able to bring together diverse stakeholders to mutual benefit. He takes on responsibility and many tasks without expecting recognition or reward and puts his heart into those projects. He is a doer when things need to be done.


I am proud of his achievements and look forward to learning about more of them in the future.

KIM JONES GAICD- Board Director of the Year 2018 finalist for the 2018 Third Sector Awards

For more than five years, and as Chair of Hear For You, I had the pleasure of working with David Brady. I witnessed his comprehensive knowledge not just of his sector and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (‘NDIS’) but his broader experience in economic and social issues that affect many Australians, including infrastructure and technology.

David has used his expertise and understanding of the bigger issues in his current position to empower Australian deaf teenagers while also engaging with the government, young people, communities, schools and corporates to effect real change.  This ability has come from growing up in a regional town, working in business development and seeing the bigger picture. 

I have watched as key influencers such as the Minister Ken Wyatt AM MP have engaged David to contribute strategically to the Roadmap of Hearing Health for Australia. This year, David took listening to, and understanding of, the next generation’s concerns one step further by delivering the first Australian deaf youth forum – a conduit to create a pathway of action.

I am excited to endorse David to be the next NSW Senator so that he can deliver across all sectors for all Australians.

Home: Video

Interview on ABC News 24 August 2017 

As the leader of the Deafness Forum of Australia, I explain the Break the Sound Barrier campaign, its purpose, and why it should be on the Commonwealth Policy agenda (achieved 2019).

I will champion the Liberal cause and values for
Disabilities / Young Australians / Volunteers / the Quiet Australians

Supported by a consistent and strong economy

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