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My personal and professional experience is relatable to millions of Australians. They want a voice. At this moment they are invisible and forgotten. They want an advocate that will support them through their life experiences to ensure their Liberal values are heard and represented in our Federal Parliament. 

Our Party and Parliament should reflect the diversity of Australia, and currently, an important demographic is underrepresented.



My roots are deep within the rural and regional areas of Australia. I was born and raised in Armidale, NSW and my family still live there. I am the proud father to a baby girl, partner to Maria and proud uncle to two nephews.


Since birth, I have lived with a severe to profound hearing loss of 90 decibels (90% loss) in both ears. I was able to hear for the first time when I was 10 months old with two hearing aids, which enabled my hard working parents (both of whom were teachers), to teach me to hear and speak and to learn Auslan (sign language). In late November 2022, I received a Cochlear Implant in my left ear. After 5 weeks, it was through my determination and hard work that I heard new sounds for the first time in my life.


Breaking barriers in my life required me to become a strong self-advocate, not only for myself but also for others in similar situations. Over the years, I have honed this skill, which has helped me achieve a successful track record of advocacy on local, state, federal, and international levels. As a Chairperson, CEO, and former Sport Executive, I have worked collaboratively with community members to identify and resolve issues, engaging with relevant government officials and decision-makers to ensure effective solutions.




My day job as the Director of Community Engagement at The Shepherd Centre, is about bringing people from all walks of life to engage with The Shepherd Centre to be apart of the vision and mission of the national charity. Prior to this role, I was the CEO and founder of Hear For You, a national charity that covered all of Australia and New Zealand. In 2021, I successfully integrated Hear For You into The Shepherd Centre to create the first 0-18 NDIS pathway of service in Australia.


I am the current - and the longest serving - volunteer Chairperson of the Deafness Forum of Australia, an organisation that currently represents up to 4 million Australians with hearing loss. In 2021, Deafness Forum of Australia achieved National Health Peak status, one of my key priorities over the past decade. As the Chair of a national board dedicated to promoting hearing health and awareness, I work closely with our esteemed Patron, the Hon John Howard OM AC, and a decade-long successful CEO to drive our mission forward. Through my active engagement with over 40 member organisations across the nation, I serve as a national voice for hearing health, providing support, listening, and working collaboratively to improve the lives of those affected. My representation of Australia at the World Hearing Forum hosted by WHO further reinforces our commitment to promoting global hearing health and advancing our national agenda.


Following in the footsteps of my late Great Uncle Sir Nigel Bowen QC, a former Minister of the Commonwealth, I joined the Liberal Party in 2011. I am currently the Branch President of the Waverton-Wollstonecraft branch of the NSW Liberal Party and the founder and President of the first branch focused on disability policy of any political party in Australia, the Inaugural Disability Policy Branch of the NSW Liberal Party.


I have spent the majority of my working life providing mentoring and  delivering community engagement programs for young Australians. It is through these programs I can see through the fog of woke and see our young Australians show their true passion and gifts of entrepreneurship. I can see their true drive to set up their lives for themselves, their families, and for Australia.


As your Senator, I will encourage Young Australians to create and hone their skills for work. I will also encourage all Australians to invest and support our young Australians through non-Government organisations and entrepreneurial investments to help our Young Australians realise their true potential in life. We can achieve a prosperous and fair Australia for all members of our community, with less government involvement through supporting our young Australians, as they are waiting to be heard and inspired.


I represented Australia at Deaflympic (international) level in both water polo and beach volleyball from 2004 to 2021.  I coached state level junior water polo 2009 to 2011 at National Championships. 



I was a successful Water Polo state representative, and  I am a qualified Water Polo and Hockey coach, having coached both childrens and adult teams at a community and representative level. 


For the past decade, I have had the chance to meet many of our Party’s members at different campaign and community events. As a country raised Liberal, I am one of the few who understands the hearts of our communities do not always beat as one.   

​To win the next Federal election with me as your Senator is of the highest priority to me. I want our party to win the next election with its community knowing that you will be listened to and heard, especially those find themselves forgotten by the Labor Government. Our party’s history demonstrates, and it is my belief, that the best policy ideas come from our membership base.

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