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Learn about my plan as a Parliamentarian for our Liberal Party

How 3 million NSW residents with Disabilities and their families decide elections


Champion the NDIS as Liberal Party’s greatest legacy

Advocate for the growth in maturity of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Our Party's greatest legacy is our implementation of next-gen welfare prevention, which empowers individuals and families to make the choices not Governments.   It is important we as Liberals advocate and apply these principles to all social services programs to ensure no Australians are left behind.” This includes reform of My-Aged care to ensure Australians have the choice and control their lives and not the Government.   With 85% NDIS participants and their families expressing satisfaction with being in control for the first time in their lives as well as being entrusted to make the right decisions for their supports.    We need to ensure the regulation of providers is properly maintained to root out those to seek to damage and take advantage of a world class scheme.  I bring the Liberal voice for the millions of people with disabilities, their families, and the marginalised Australians which Labor and the Greens think they speak on behalf.


Empower Australians to Invest – Create – Work

Champion private investment and community start-ups to focus on future job sectors such as health tech, robotics, agri-tech, fin-tech, and energy tech.  In the latest budget, Labor has cut start-up investments in all fields except for climate and green energy start-ups, hence narrowing our skill set and forcing our smartest to look abroad.  As a nation, we should aim to set the foundations for private sector leadership in all sectors, including health, robotics, agriculture, space, and beyond.  We need to remind Australians that it is Liberal party values which commit to promoting private enterprise and small business-led growth to alleviate the long-term burden of COVID debt on future generations. 

Empower Mothers/Primary Parents through Tax Breaks to navigate family cost of living challenges

Being a parent and for most of my life working with parents/guardians of children, and teenagers.  I witnessed first hand the challenges of navigating the additional cost of living pressures a growing family, working out whether a day at childcare is better than a parent staying at home, getting food on the table, and then after all this, be subjected to massive government overreach for child benefits, early education, and for some, navigating the NDIS.   Labor's answer "more government overreach" as they do not trust professional working women to make real choices for their families.   If elected I will look with our policy branches and women's council to a policy that modernises our tax system to empower women/primary parent to be making choices for their families not governments. 

National Security Strategy

On return to our Liberal Government at the next election, I am committed to spending 2% of our GDP on defence to ensure our nation's safety, and a clear and agreed national security strategy is essential to protect our communications networks, defence forces, energy networks, and essential services such as emerging industries, resources, aged care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).   After all, Australia must rise to be one of the key Regional player, demonstrating freedom and democracy. History never lies, showing only strength prevents conflict.

Technology not Taxes – Be the exporter of Clean Energy not the other way round

I will champion our Party’s commitment to reducing emissions through technology, not taxes, through choices not mandates, and through sensible transition based on facts, not ideology.  The Teal and Greens influenced Labor Government’s top-down heavy Government approach will not work, further, increasing the energy bills, and in time will drive up unemployment.  It is time to call out their selfish “pass the buck” greenish policies which always land on rural and regional Australians and Western Sydney.

Energy dependence can be achieved by Australian know-how, understanding the power and potential of Australian smarts, and working together as a community, towards lowering emissions to a cleaner world without compromising our energy, economy, environment, and hip pockets.   I support the need for a discussion on nuclear power, especially fusion and small modular reactor power, in our Party, Parliament and with the Australian people. 

Champion Liberal Party beliefs and values

Ensure the continued relevance of the values listed in our Liberal Party belief statement.   Stand for the ‘forgotten people’ of Australia; those mainstream Australians whose goals, needs and aspirations had been ignored by Government, championed by our Party's founding leader Robert Gordon Menzies. 

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